Solar Powered Attic Fans

Save Money on Electricity Bills While Prolonging the Lifespan of Your HVAC With the Installation of a Solar Powered Attic Fan!

Our attics can get exceptionally hot! With temperatures reaching up to 140+ degrees during the summer months, it’s no surprise that you hate paying those summer electricity bills. Lucky for you, we bring you the solution: getting a state-of-the-art solar-powered attic fan! 


These types of solar-powered fans can easily ventilate your complete attic utilizing solely solar energy. With these powerful ventilation fans, you can quickly cool your entire attic while also taking a huge load off your heating and cooling system. 


Solar-powered attic fans make a perfect compliment to a new solar system and are easily installed alongside your panels. What are you waiting for? Start saving thousands of dollars over time with the installation of a solar-powered attic fan!

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Benefit From the Advantages of Having a Solar Powered Attic Fan!

  • Decreased utility, electricity, and maintenance costs
  • Preventing roof materials and structure from degrading
  • Prolonging lifespan of your HVAC and roofing system
  • Reducing extreme heat buildup in your attic
  • Keeping your home cool during the summer months
  • Promoting the elimination of mold
  • Reducing moisture damage
  • Helping the environment with a built-in photovoltaic power system
  • Fighting heat and humidity
  • Eligibility for 26% federal tax credit
  • Hurricane proof and fireproof
  • Runs entirely on solar power
  • Included thermostat that automatically switches the fan on above 80 degrees

We Work Exclusively With Leading Brands on the Market!

Here at LunaSolar, we want to provide you with only the best solar options for your home or business. We take pride in teaming up with the leading brands of the solar-powered attic fans market. When working with us, you can rest assured that you will get a professional-grade solar-powered fan for your home or business!


The brands that we work with include:


  • Remington
  • Solaro
  • Yellowblue
  • US Sunlight
  • Broan
  • Air Vent
  • Natural Light
  • Master Flow
  • Kennedy
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