Installation & Maintenance

Professional Solar Panel Installations in Austin, TX

Everywhere in Austin, TX, homeowners are starting to catch on to what the power companies have been doing for ages! As an example, a typical homeowner who pays only $150 per month, will add more than $85,000 into the power company’s pocket in 30 years. This amount is nothing unusual, in fact, this is only considering the inflation of the dollar. And with electric rates continually on the rise, that number is being quite modest. Find out how you can benefit from solar panel installations in Austin, TX, by calling us today at 512-886-5862 for more information.
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Solar Panel Maintenance for Your Unique Needs

At LunaSolar we offer professional residential solar panel installations and maintenance services for customers in Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas. We can source many manufacturers of solar panels such as Mission Solar Panels (manufactured locally in San Antonio) or LG Solar Panels as part of our installation, along with 25-year manufacturer warranties and 10-year labor warranties. We also install either Enphase micro inverters or Solar Edge Inverters. With a free home inspection (breaker panels, meters, roofs, trees, shade, and more) we will be able to also offer a 3D model of the solar design free to all our customers.


Call us today and find out how you can benefit from a 26% tax credit for your solar energy utilization.

We’re Your Local Solar Panel Company

No matter what your reasons are for going solar – maybe you just want to improve your home, do right by the environment, or just look at the bottom line. Whatever your motivation, get in touch with the solar experts at LunaSolar today. As a leading solar panel installer in Austin, TX, we also serve clients in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at 512-866-LUNA for a free design proposal.
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