San Antonio Solar Rebates

San Antonio Solar Rebates

It’s time to start generating your own power using our systems to convert direct sunlight into electricity. Make your home energy efficient and use environmentally friendly approaches. We make solar systems more affordable because, at LunaSolar, we provide a series of rebates.


Our units work when the sun shines, and their efficiency increases when the sunlight strikes the modules directly. Prior to the installation, we recommend you add features that promote energy efficiency like insulation, lighting, windows, and appliances. Boost your savings today by taking advantage of our rebate program.  


This incentive applies specifically to qualifying commercial and residential projects in the area. Beware that all rebates don’t exceed 50% of the total cost. If you seek assistance from non-local installers, the rebate rate is reduced to 75% of the amounts listed below. All rebate levels and guidelines are subject to change without prior notice, and we reserve the right to read and refuse any applications or requests that don’t meet the requirements for incentive payments. 


Residential Projects

$500 premium for projects using local modules

$2,500 per project


Commercial Projects 

$0.60 per AC Watt for the first 25kW and $0.40 per AC Watt for kW over 25

$0.10 per AC Watt premium for projects using local modules


Do you want to know if you apply to this general incentive? Contact our experts today!

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