Make sure you know everything there is to know about solar before deciding if its right for you. This guide covers the top questions every homeowner should know before making the switch to green energy.

The time has come to upgrade your home and produce your own energy!

When you are looking into buying solar there are a few things you should know first!

Solar is happening and happening fast! There are actually government incentive programs to help homeowners save money when buying solar. Right now, there is a 26% federal tax credit, and also some local rebates that are available as well. The tax credit is based off two things. First, you must own the home. Second, you must have taxable income. The credit is based on the amount of tax liability you have throughout the year. Simply put, we are eligible to get back the tax dollars that were taken from our paychecks over the last year and apply it to a home improvement.

Second thing you need to consider is the price of the system. Today is exciting because the technology and warranties are incredible! Most tier 1 products come with a 25 year warranty. So partnering with a company that will be there to assist you over that period of time is important. Larger companies with large overhead expenses tend to charge more for their service and state they will be there. But, it doesn’t take a ton of digging to realize they are just out to sell at a higher dollar amount. Today, you can get an incredible investment with all the top technology installed and maintained at local level for a much better rate. Local companies have a local reputation to uphold, and a community they operate within. This creates an honest, smooth process, and you can actually get ahold of someone when you need some help.

            The price of solar is determined by price per watt. If the company is selling within $3.50- $4.50 based on the quality of product, you are in the ballpark! Anything higher than that is usually just a rep or a company trying to make an extra buck.