Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Professional Ground Mounted Solar Panels in Austin, TX

Ground-mounted solar panels are a fantastic way to add solar and make enough power to cover your energy bills. They are great for anyone who has a lot of space in their yard, or for businesses that have empty green space that they want to utilize for their benefit. At LunaSolar we specialize in ground-mounted solar panels in Austin, TX. We are a locally owned and operated company that offers reliable and affordable solar installation services, which include roof and ground-mounted solar systems.


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Ground Mounted Solar Panels for Your Home

There are different types of ground-mounted solar panels available, stationary, and tracking. Stationary ground mounts are solar panels that are installed at a fixed angle facing the sun’s path and are quite affordable. They can be anywhere from only a few panels to large arrays of many panels. Stationary ground mounts are the most common because they are very cost effective to install and also since they have no moving parts, there is no additional maintenance needed.


Tracking ground mounts are an array of solar panels that are installed in a square and set on a pole with a motor that allows them to track the sun as it moves through the sky, therefore optimizing your energy production. These are a bit more expensive to install and maintain but can utilize less space and produce more energy. Often you can use fewer solar panels, and get more out of it. Many large scale commercial solar farms use this technology to get the most out of their system.


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From solar panels to battery backup systems in Austin, TX, we have you covered. We think it’s our responsibility to help protect the environment for future generations, and feel that green energy installations, like solar, are a great way to help achieve that!


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