Austin Energy Solar Rebates

Austin Energy Solar Rebates

Do you want to start a new project to make your property energy efficient? At LunaSolar, we provide superior solar photovoltaic systems that will help you save money while working towards a healthier environment. These units are known for converting direct sunlight into electricity you can use for your daily activities. Moreover, these solutions are more affordable because we offer a complete rebate program.


We like to offer recommendations and extra information before installing our PV systems. Remember that they work whenever the sun is shining, and the amount of electricity they produce depends on how intense the light is and if it hits the modules directly. You will enjoy even more savings if you already have energy-efficient features like lighting, appliances, insulation, windows, and more.


Residential Projects

$2,500 per project


Commercial Projects 

Austin Energy’s Commercial Solar Performance-Based Incentive (PBI) earns your business an extra credit on your monthly electric bill for the power your solar PV system generates. In most cases, the rebate level is based on the size of the system. Austin Energy calculates the payment amount by multiplying the rebate level by the monthly system production.


 With an Austin Energy Commercial Solar Capacity-Based Incentive (CBI), your business can earn an upfront check that is issued after your solar energy system has been installed. The rebate level is based on the size of the system, and the payment amount is calculated by multiplying the rebate level by the size of the system.


Our commercial and residential solar contractors can assist you whenever you request. Find out if you apply for our rebate program today! Contact our experts to learn more.

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