Our Mission

There is one thing we have found to be true no matter who you are. No one likes an over-complicated process and dealing with a ton of middle men. That is why Luna Solar was created. We offer straight-to-the-point solar designs set up by industry professionals. With over a decade of experience in the industry, the founders of Luna Solar take pride in every new home which decides to go solar.

Luna Solar has a different approach than most companies. The Luna approach is FULL transparency throughout the entire process. From the technology, pricing, and installation, the focus is 100% on the customer and the investment. The goal is a model that makes a true IMPACT. Immediate savings for the customer, and immediate impact on the way we are producing power as homeowners.

The way they did this was by keeping company operating costs low, partnering with the best manufacturers and installers in the industry, and offering top quality, low cost solutions for customers that allows them to save day 1! The goal is to truly drive the needle in renewable energy in Texas.

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