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Luna Solar has a different approach than most companies. Luna's approach is FULL transparency throughout the entire process. From technology, pricing, and installation the focus is 100% on you and your solar investment.

With over a decade of experience in the solar industry, the founders have combined their knowledge and skills to change the way people think about their energy. Our model results in a true IMPACT.
By partnering with the best installers in the industry and offering high quality low cost solutions for you; we have achieved keeping the company's operating cost low.

Why wouldn't you want to save on your energy bill immediately while also changing the way your home uses power?

Lets make an impact together
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The Debate is Over

Human interaction in the environment is causing devastating effects all across the world. By joining Luna's mission you will be doing your part to slow these impacts. Learn exactly what a difference YOU can make! With recent additions of financial incentives and the solar industry reaching its peak, there has never been a better time than NOW.

Hello affordable solar,

What is your reason to join Luna?
Folks go solar with us for all types of reasons. Some people just want to improve their home, some want to do right by the environment, and many are simply looking at the bottom line.

Everywhere in Texas, homeowners are starting to catch on to what the power companies have been doing for ages!
A typical homeowner who pays only $150 per month. Within 30 years, will drop $85,635.75 into the power company's pocket. Nothing crazy is going on here. Actually, this is only considering the inflation of the dollar.
However, since electric rates are continually on the rise; that number is being quite modest.

Recent Installations


Luna takes pride and stands behind the quality of each installation. We have experience in all types of solar projects. Wether your house is a new build or already established. Whether your roof is metal, shingle or tile. Whether you're looking to put solar on your roof, or a ground mount. We have you covered!


Luna Solar's primary goal is to ensure each solar system is constructed with top quality materials. All solar projects from Luna Solar are followed from beginning to end to ensure all codes and standards are surpassed. This ensures a long-lasting and productive solar installation. With pride we stand behind our 25 year panel manufacturer warranty.

The Luna Solar Process

Solar can be complicated, but no one ever said it has to be. Luna brings projects from beginning to end with no-fuss.

Step 1: Set a meeting
Step 2: On-site engineer visit
Step 3: Final Design Approval
Step 4: Permit Approval
Step 5: Installation
Step 6: Inspections
Step 7: Begin Saving!


Each manufacturer Luna Solar partners with will pass a high standard test to ensure that every home owner is provided with the best warranties we can find.
This outlook on solar is one of the few reasons why so many people have decided to join Luna Solar's Better Way to Go Solar.

Giving Back

There is a reason local companies do so well today. We live in your neighborhood, and we are representing the Better Way to Go Solar. You may find us at many events; from local farmers markets to job fairs for economic development. Luna Solar understands the benefits of helping those around you.
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Solar Panels

We only use the highest quality solar panels in the industry. These panels come with an incredible 25 year linear power warranty. The performance of the panels are guaranteed to produce at 80% minimum production for 25 years. Specializing in the Texas weather, we also make sure to use the most durable options in the industry.

We are dedicated to making sure you get the best products, services, and warranty in the industry.

Luna in your community

Join us on our next community event! There is always space for an extra helping hand, and our team regularly schedules volunteer events to give back to the community.

Are you interested in learning more or would you like to inquire about having Luna's team members in your community? Reach out to us via email at

How can Luna Solar Change your Home?

Let's make an impact together.

We believe in a better way.

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